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Welcome to! If you have been searching for information regarding natural baby products and parenting styles then you have come to the right place! Our site is dedicated to providing you with as much information as you will need to start your child’s life on the right foot.  From bedding, to toddler shoes we cover it all. does not promote any one product or method, we simply provide you with enough information to make the best choice for your family.  Parenting can be the best experience of your life; it can also be difficult and strenuous. is here to help you with your choices along the way. 

 Natural parenting can mean an array of things and is different depending on who you talk to.  Some would say that natural parenting requires that you only use items that are made 100% naturally for your child.  Food, bedding, toys and care products should contain no chemical or synthetic material.  Others would say that it is similar to Authoritative style parenting where you let your child face the natural consequences’ for their decisions.  Some would argue that it is parenting in the style of our mothers and our mothers mothers, parenting how we were parented.  Lastly most would argue that it is parenting as you wish to parent, what comes natural to you. 

The first definition of parenting naturally can actually be extremely beneficial to your child.  Modern products are manufactured with an array of chemical compounds and synthetic materials.  While these do not harm adults, we have active and enhanced immune systems.  Newborns have weak and un-developed immune systems and because they are developing so rapidly they are more prone to chemical absorption.  Chemicals found in everyday baby products could actually deter growth and development if consumed or enough is absorbed.  Using products that are made from only 100% natural products eliminates this risk.  You can find an array of natural baby products from bedding to skin care online or at your baby supply retailer. 

Authoritative parenting styles are considered the most natural when compared to passive and authoritarian styles.  It allows parents to set up guidelines for their children and then allows the children to choose how they want to meet those guidelines.  If the guideline is not met, or met in an inappropriate way, then the parents allow the natural consequence to occur.  Example: If your child is caught cheating on a test, they then fail.   However, sometimes the natural consequence is just pointed out because it may cause harm.  Example: If your child leaves toys out they are told to pick them up because someone could step on them and be harmed.  Parents of this style guide their children along the correct paths while allowing children to choose what is natural for them. 

Another outlook on natural parenting can be perceived as more traditional.  It may be natural for a parent to automatically assume the same ideals and beliefs that they, themselves, were parented with.  It is very common for parents to set rules and expectations based on what their rules and expectations were as a child.  This can continue for generations and becomes second nature of all the parents from that family.  However, as the times change so do the issues that parents are faced with.  Many parents will experience problems with their children that were not problems they encountered as children.  This will leave this type of parent helpless and in need of guidance. 

Lastly, the parenting style that occurs most naturally to you is natural parenting.  Parents who develop this type of style may differ greatly from styles of other parents.  They also might be the same as other parents.  If what comes most naturally to you is parenting how you were parented then that is perfectly acceptable.  If you prefer to take on problems as they arise and figure out your own personal solution then that is acceptable as well.  There are many, many different parenting techniques and it is perfectly acceptable for you to form your own.


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